Government Long Term Care Insurance, politics of the Class Act

Back in the Obamacare battle of 2009 the democrats were pushing the health care reform bill but had little support because the bills was extremely expensive. The democrats knew that the bill was not budget neutral so that decided to plant a trick inside the bill or let’s call it a Trojan Horse. It was slipped in by the late Ted Kennedy and it was called the Class Act Long Term Care Insurance benefit.

The plan would provide a very minor benefit of $50/day of long term care insurance benefits but the premium would be three times what a private plan would charge. Also, no one could use their plan for the first five years yet they had to pay premiums day one. The slick politicians knew that the average voter could not follow their slight of hand so they counted those premiums from the long term care insurance benefit and put them towards the cost of the Obamacare bill in efforts to hide it’s real cost.

We all know the Obamacare bill was eventually rammed though the senate by reconciliation on Christmas Eve with just 51 votes. A couple years later after word got out that the Class Act long term care insurance bill was even in the bill it was taken out because the actuaries said it would not be sustainable and would soon have a financial death spiral.

This example of politics and insurance show why they two don’t mix. This government long term care insurance disaster just proves that if you truly want to protect your family you must do it yourself. This long term care insurance brokerage company called LTC Tree has a decent site and it looks like you can get long term care insurance quotes from the top few companies.

The Politics of Women in the Workforce

Not all careers are identical. There are careers which stand head and shoulders above the others in terms of the general satisfaction they provide. Surveys conducted among women demonstrate that the top careers for women are those which provide the room to use one’s work proficiencies and aptitude, excellent compensation, job-security, open communication lines between employer and employee, and exceptional options for balancing the pulls of work and quality-life.

There are certain careers which demonstrate a fine blend of all these factors. The top-ranking careers seem to be in the healthcare and technical fields. But the catalogue of top careers also exhibit excellent results for jobs which belong to the social-services and entrepreneurial segments.

It is also interesting to note that among the careers which rank high are those which warrant major education and investment of time. Some even call for extended hours of work and increased degrees of work-related stress. It appears that as long as the aforementioned areas which give satisfaction are present, there is a high level of job-satisfaction, excellent performance and work-productivity, and low employee-turnover.

Surveys indicate that the top 3 careers for women are the following:


Almost every hot-job list around includes the nursing profession among its top 3 careers to pursue. The work may be physically demanding and emotionally challenging but it is also quite rewarding and heart-warming. There are many jobs available, especially because of its growing scope – ranging from care of newborn babies to care of the elderly, as well as everything else in the middle of these. Whereas work was limited to regular nursing work in general hospitals and doctors’ clinics before, it now includes jobs in public-health, home-care, and even in providing health care/nursing services in rehabilitation complexes, schools, and offices. There is also a surge in highly specialized assignments for nurses, in taking care of patients with different conditions ranging from cancer, heart problems, brain tumours, spinal-cord injury, and others.


There seems to be a lot of jobs available for pharmacists. Most of these can be found in doctors’ offices, outpatient care –centres, nursing homes, and commercial drug stores. It is remarkable to observe that even when others are finding it difficult to look for a job, pharmacists do not run out of job-offers. Their singular blend of medical proficiency and people-skills necessary to effectively manage a pharmacy-counter is obviously well-appreciated. Their ability to fill out doctors’ prescriptions and proffer counsel seems widely needed – in clinical/school/corporate settings, as well as in the usual retail drugstores and hospitals. People in the field of career forecasting opine that in this age of a population growing older and weaker and the onslaught of new multi-faceted drugs, the need for pharmacists will always be there.

Physical/Occupational therapy

There is now an arresting growth in the number of elderly/sick patients. The number of children who need physical/occupational therapy is likewise on the rise. It is not surprising that the careers of therapists in this field seem to be seeing an unmistakeable upsurge. Many individuals are seriously considering pursuing a college degree in this field. And those with the necessary credentials/qualifications are seeing many work opportunities opening up for them.