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Stories behind News in Global Economic Arena - Part of Tapsearch Com and Tapart News Network sites

Explore the untold stories behind the news in the lost worlds of Globalist Free Traders. It is really all about you in the global economic arena. By Ray Tapajna - Editor and Artist at Tapart News and Art that Talks - global issues. " Information Digest " sites at from the real world of the streets of USA

Designers wars of terror

March 19th 2013 18:52
Bizarre Politics Reports: Designer wars just spread more wars
Lost worlds of the globalists- Ray Tapajna Living Journals and News

Designer wars breed more wars and more terror

Elizabeth Sullivan, editor Cleveland Plain Dealer, editorial page editor, tells how the U.S. Iraq war just multiplied the problems and did not end them. " Admittedly, Iraq under Saddam was a grim dictatorship and killing fields for Shiites and Kurds who opposed Sadam's Sunni and Baathist elites. But it wasn't what the Bush administration erroneously tried to portray in justifying the war." Instead of stopping the Qaida's terrorist empire, the war accomplished the opposite. Sullivan articles about the Balkans and the Middle East are truly documents for history about the realities of our times. Reference: her excellent overview and/or search under Elizabeth Sullivan and add Middle East wars or Balkan wars.

We call these wars Designer Wars

The war was a designer war which was instigated my a small group of leaders. There was never any real national discussion about it. Instead, we had a wholesale publicity campaign that contained more lies than truth. It was a preemptive attack on an entire nation and not secluded to finding the enemy and stopping them. Thousands of innocent people were caught in the infighting. As a matter of fact, the U.S. never ended the first Gulf War with Iraq and constantly bombed the country for more than ten years before the second land assault.

An outstanding question remains of why the elite group created this pit of terror. They picked out the word " terrorism " as the enemy calling it a war against terrorism. But in the process terrorism spread across the Middle East. It leads one to wonder why the U.S. would set the stage for people in the Middle East to fight each other as the terror infected the countries of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Libya, Iran and Egypt. Then the terror spread to Africa. For many years, we had a foreign policy to balance out the geopolitical problems in the Middle East. History tells us to stay out of the region and just attend to humanitarian missions to control the killing fields.

The lie about Iraq having Weapons of Mass Destruction started it all even though the evidence was plain that Iraq did away with all these weapons around 1992. President Bush sold the lie to the American people and put on the "shock and awe war" on TV as his own reality show. It first attacks displayed the attack on Iraq as if it was a 4th of July display.

Drone Colonialism

Then the news of torture came showing how people who were on the wrong side of things tortured. These depictions harden the hearts of Americans with many saying torture is necessary under these circumstances. And so it goes. We now have a 100 years war in the Middle East and still no one tells us why. The terror has not only spread across the Middle East but also infecting our moral consciences on how to balance things out when the geopolitical balances are uprooted. We now even have Drone Colonialism where we have planes without pilots controlling events.

Economy full of contradictions

March 16th 2013 16:17
Bizarre Politics Reports: Our economy is lost in a sea of confusion
About Ray Tapajna Living Journals

By Ray Tapajna

Economy is a maze or mirrors

Will the real free market economy, please stand up. The U.S. and other countries economies are now just a maze of mirrors trying to capture the real free enterprise system. Economic models are out of tune with the real world of the streets full of confusion.

Free trade came and dismantled national economies for the sake of a global one. Economic models were shredded into pieces and sent all over the world.

Free trade had very little to do with real trade as we know it. It has created a new world of disorder. It is the new "ism" of Globalism led my elite powerful groups completely out of touch with the real world of the streets.

Production has been divorced from investment. The global economy is more about growing money values and creating money products out of nothing. Somehow this is supposed to work as production is being moved from place to place for the sake of cheaper labor. Labor is out-sourced and in-sourced the same way. Rome failed because the empire focused on making money on money instead of making things. They out-sourced and in-sourced bot labor and production. They used slave labor and brought in foreign workers to work for practically nothing. There was a time in Rome when it was better to be a slave than a freeman. At least a slave was able to have a roof over their heads and raise a family to supply more slaves. The freemen were wanders who had to hide from powerful elite forces. It took time but the big upheaval came as workers challenged the elite forces as a common enemy.
The upper classes, knowing only about making money on money and no longer have the skills to make anything real, stood by totally confused about what they could do. They tried pouring money into the process but the patience of the workers came to the end and Rome fell.

Money created out of nothing

We now have similar circumstances. President Obama bailed out big money, Wall Street, banks and other investment communities and put the very same people who are responsible for the failed process back in charge.
The Federal and State governments gave stimulus money to start up new projects but these projects eventually hit the wall of so called free trade where anything goes with it based on isolating markets rather than expanding them to meet the all the needs of societies. Governments pay
foreign companies to bring assembly factories here with the parts coming from all over the world. Workers as taxpayers end up paying their way out of their jobs. The lack the purchasing power to fill the void created by free trade. The trade deficit represents the loss of trillions of dollars in value forever while the four past free trader presidents keep trying to create something from nothing in a maze of mirrors full of contradictions.

Wars follow as nations find their interests spread across the globe. We have a new kind of colonialism this way with even drones a part of it.


Black Hole Economics

March 8th 2013 20:10
Bizarre Politics Reports: Black Hole Economics grows as the dark side of our economy takes over.
Tapsearch Com Real World News - Ray Tapajna Living Journals

Black Hole Economics

In the beginning of the computer revolution, there were many articles published relating to the leisure time, computers would be creating. The articles told how computers would take over many of the routine processes and leave workers with less to do. As it happen, workers today do have more leisure but it is a result of being unemployed in a world where the so called routing manual processes have been moved to other lands. The industrial revolution never ended, it was just moved somewhere else in the world and our computer technology was also given away what took several generations to create. Now we are getting the same story about robotics and how it will leave workers open to more opportunities as we drive by miles of empty factories and empty office buildings which once were full of supporting services for the industry we once had in our country.

Today, we can drive by some factories and distribution centers that survived the assault of free trade in a global economic arena. However, usually we see weeds growing in the large employees parking lots where once many cars were once parked. Now there are only a few. Some of these companies make the news as examples of success and we read about some who are ableto double their employees due to robotics or assembly of components
coming from other lands. The other day in our newspaper was a story about a factory that was able to double their work force from 18 workers to 37 workers due to new robotic equipment. This would have been laughable years ago when there were hundreds of manufacturers around employing from thousand to five thousand workers. The stock market surges as more workers get fired instead of hired. The stock market investors call it an increase in productivity. Nothing is said about the President bailing out the stock market, banks and investment community who created the black hole economy. Even worst, the suffering of workers is ignored as the news paper tells us about robotics doubling the work force in a company from 18 workers to 37 workers. This makes the news. The black hole does not. The unemployment reports are fables with millions of Americans living in a silent depression.

Free trade and globalization have given us a black hole economy where
millions of workers have been sucked down into the dark pit of unemployment. Right now in many places in our country, including in high
tech industries, there is a manager coming with two security guards to some one's office. They tell the worker in his office to pack this things up and put them in the boxes they provide. They make sure the worker does not try to enter his computer work station to download anything. Then they walk the worker out of the door to this car. Many workers like him with many years with the company are cast down into the black hole and left to fend for themselves in a brutal struggle for survival. Many older workers who gave their life to the company will never find another job.

Within hours, the office where the worker labored for many years is cleaned and looks like the worker was never there. The office now waits for the next victim in the race to the bottom with the black hole waiting for their turn in the world of Black Hole Economics.

We need to stop calling down to the people in the black hole, I got mine, why don't you have yours?

WTO rules without consent of the people

February 27th 2013 23:32
Bizarre Politics Reports: What Year Was This Published - International Organization controls flow of wealth outside of democratic process-
The World Trade Organization, as an international entity, rules on economic matters in various countries outside the will of the people or any democratic process. Who gave them this power ?

What year was this published ? This was our response to newspaper's article about the ".... WTO exists to promote order and discipline in global trade."
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Boomerang Wars

February 15th 2013 19:16
Bizarre Politics Reports: Wars, wars and more wars. Why not find out why.

Bizarre Politics Reports: They traded our jobs to China and in return we get to play with electronic trinkets to pass our time away. We should be texting the truth instead.
Real World News Ray Tapajna, Editor

handle with care, economic diseases,
Handle the World with Care or bear the consequences

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Unions are the windmills of a mindset

January 23rd 2013 21:57
Bizarre Politics Reports: Conservatives may be kicking a dead horse when it comes to unions. They need to define their terms.
Ray Tapajna Journals - reference unions

Locked Out Workers Bearing Their Cross while people of good will hide from the fact. ( See Art that Talks at

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Free Trade Economic Crisis continues

January 6th 2013 20:16
Bizarre Politics Reports: Published Letter to Editor with response about free trade being the major cause behind our economic crisis
Ray Tapajna Living Journals Keeping History Straight

FREE TRADE AT ROOT OF CRISIS : letter to the editor Published in Cleve. Plain Dealer, Jan 6/2013
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Bizarre Politics Reports: Ghost buildings in the sky where once, mighty corporate offices stood tall employing many for years and years.
Ray Tapajna Living Journals keeping history straight

Ghost corporate buildings , economic relics of the past are signs of an economic plague still in progress
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Are we economic relics of the past.

December 16th 2012 00:30
Bizarre Politics Reports: Ray Tapajna Living Journal Keeping History Straight- Marxists, we will be rejected as mechanistic relics of the past...
Ray Tapajna Living Journal Keeping History Straight

Almost two decades of economic chaos and the "commodization" of workers and labor contines
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