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Explore the untold stories behind the news in the lost worlds of Globalist Free Traders. It is really all about you in the global economic arena. By Ray Tapajna - Editor and Artist at Tapart News and Art that Talks - global issues. " Information Digest " sites at from the real world of the streets of USA

Boomerang Wars

February 15th 2013 19:16
Bizarre Politics Reports: Wars, wars and more wars. Why not find out why.
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The Last Pony Soldier
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Dark side of Wars - Now we have Drone Colonialism with Boomerang Wars

Boomerang Wars and Drone Colonialism
We Reap what we Sow

Before writing about the glory part of war, our news channels should report the real stories behind some of our wars. The United States has been in wars for more than twenty-five years. They helped Saddam Hussein come to power and supported him his his war with Iran. American banks bankrolled him in this war. A few years ago, Congressman Henry Gonzalez put some of these dealings in the Congressional Record. Not much came from his efforts with the news channels silent about it. On the internet, someone said this... The Bush family knew there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq because they had receipts for them.

We even had a Iraqi munition related company in our city. The U.S. also helped Osama bin Laden come to power and supported him in his defending Afghanistan against the Russian invasion. Somewhere along the line, things got turned around and no major news channel is willing to tell us why.

In the first Gulf War, the U.S. used earth moving equipment to bury Iraqi soldiers while some were still alive. Many generals, other high ranking officers and enlisted men told about these ugly events but again, the major news channels remained silent. Why wouldn't people not be upset with something like this hidden from the world.

Thousands of veterans from that war still suffer from the 1990 Gulf War Syndrome with very little being done about it. There were some stories about depleted uranium munitions being used in the present Middle East wars but the stories were never expanded. Today, there are many reports from many different sources about the drastic increased deformity of babies in Iraq. We are told that depleted uranium munitions are different than the the enriched uranium munitions used in the first Gulf War. However this distinction should lead to a much bigger story but the major news channels are silent about this too.

President Clinton invited the Islamic Freedom Fighters to fight in Bosnia during his wars in the Balkans. Reportedly , several members from this group were later the terrorists responsible for 9 11. This story also died quickly with no one seemingly willing to follow up it. They are also silent about the fact that President Clinton went into the Balkans to stop ethnic cleansing while doing the very same thing himself. Thousands of Serbs and others had to flee for their lives from Bosnia after the U.S. got involved in the wars there.

President Clinton also consistently bombed Iraq during his term in office. I was horrified when they showed on TV, a female Naval Officer launching missiles off a ship. ( Someone should be telling the young women thinking about a military career about things like this.) The U.S consistently bombed Iraq for years after the first Gulf War and wonder why people in the Middle East don't like America. I would like to know the percentage of families in Iraq that lost someone in their family due to the U.S. intervention in the region.

Thousand of innocent people have been killed in the Middle East and the Balkans due to all of this. How can we expect anything good to come from wars and policies like this. It is insane. War is about the failure of human reason. It is usually connected with the taste for power and money. The veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were over used as any real military officer would tell you, nothing good can come from this type of use of
the military. The National Guard is not set up to fight overseas wars.

In the era of free trade and globalization, nations find they must defend their interests across the globe. This has led to bloody conflict across the globe and we have a new form of colonialism where nations have to control events in other nations outside of any historical reactions and international understandings. You could call U.S. part in all of this Drone Colonialism where automated military devices control events in other countries. New channels are quiet about these adventures too. It a form of invasion without the use of armed forces on the ground.

We are told the war in Iraq is over even as thousands of mercenaries employed by the U.S. are employed there while other secret wars are being fought in other countries in the Middle East.

We now have a a president who won the Nobel Peace Prize, carrying a hit list and directs assassinations from the White House without a declaration of war. What we have are undeclared Boomerang Wars and Drone Colonialism .

What we reap what we sow . Tell me where I am wrong.
We invite Politifacts ( a service newspapers used to check the facts) to check it out.

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