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Explore the untold stories behind the news in the lost worlds of Globalist Free Traders. It is really all about you in the global economic arena. By Ray Tapajna - Editor and Artist at Tapart News and Art that Talks - global issues. " Information Digest " sites at from the real world of the streets of USA

China Direct to cut out middleman Wal-Mart

January 20th 2008 04:20
Bizarre Politics Reports: Direct Chinese Retail Outlet in your Neighborhood

The logical sequence of events in the global economic arena are coming to your neighborhood.

The Chinese have open direct retail outlets in New York. It is just a matter of time before they realize that they do not need Wal-Mart as a middleman and can sell direct to the American consumers. They will look at the profits Wal-Mart makes and ask why should we not enjoy these profits instead of them. After all, China has the main raw product - an endless supply of cheap labor.

Hillary Clinton knew this when she was on the Board of Directors for Wal-Mart for six years. President Bill Clinton knew this when he open the door completely to the China. The main US exports became jobs making factories portable for the sake of cheaper labor.

A China direct retail outlet may be coming to your neighborhood soon. After all, cheap labor is the core of the Free Market

The giant Chinese shipping company COSCO is already dominating the transportation of goods to the USA with COSCO owned in part by the Chinese Liberation Army. They also manage several ports and the logical next step is to go direct. We already have many factory direct stores now and there is no reason why the Chinese can not do the same.
They have centralized power over production and it can do the same thing in retailing. We are being "liberated" one import at a time.

After all, the U.S. financial investment community has separated itself from the mundane things like manufacturing. They rather make money on investments and let others do the work.

China can grab the brass ring with their government being the majority owner of many firms. They can control markets the way the want to . They can even undercut the financial market in order to broaden their version of the Free Market. In Wal-Mart, they see a value chain that logically should be theirs too.

Soon there will be no need for American consumers to shop at middleman places like Wal-Mart and they will be able to get it cheaper at a direct Chinese retail outlet. Later the Chinese can bring in workers and factories to the USA to streamline the operation even more.

The USA is now going through an economic storm. It has touched down on thousands who are losing their homes. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke says it is time for an economic stimulus packages and says the best way to revive the U.S. economy is to spend the extra money on products produced domestically. However, the USA has sent much of their production to places like China. The money spent at places like Wal-Mart, goes to China. It is logical for the Chinese to come here with their cheap labor and factories and save the costs of long haul shipping. Then they can open their direct factory stores. And the American and Chinese economy will be one. However, this means even less jobs for American workers. They will have to learn more about leisure time . We have plenty of homeless people to show them how it is done.

President Bush or one of his followers in the future will say, the Chinese workers are coming to the USA, to take jobs Americans will not do.

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Comment by Tapsearch Com Editor

January 20th 2008 16:22
Hillary Clinton was on Wal-Mart's Board of Directors for six years.

Her husband President Bill Clinton open the door completely for the large Chinese COSCO
shipping containers to come into the USA full of imports. Free Trade is all about making production and factories portable ready to be moved from place to place for the sake of the cheapest labor markets of the world. China's leads the way. It has an endless supply of cheap labor.... and now it may all be coming to your neighborhood in a logical sequence of events. President Bush just followed in President Bill Clinton's footsteps opening the door even wider.

Ponder all this while waiting at a railroad stop watching the COSCO shipping containers roll by.

I did it My Way
Hillary was on Wal-Mart Board of Directors for six years

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