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Designers wars of terror

March 19th 2013 18:52
Bizarre Politics Reports: Designer wars just spread more wars
Lost worlds of the globalists- Ray Tapajna Living Journals and News

Designer wars breed more wars and more terror

Elizabeth Sullivan, editor Cleveland Plain Dealer, editorial page editor, tells how the U.S. Iraq war just multiplied the problems and did not end them. " Admittedly, Iraq under Saddam was a grim dictatorship and killing fields for Shiites and Kurds who opposed Sadam's Sunni and Baathist elites. But it wasn't what the Bush administration erroneously tried to portray in justifying the war." Instead of stopping the Qaida's terrorist empire, the war accomplished the opposite. Sullivan articles about the Balkans and the Middle East are truly documents for history about the realities of our times. Reference: her excellent overview and/or search under Elizabeth Sullivan and add Middle East wars or Balkan wars.

We call these wars Designer Wars

The war was a designer war which was instigated my a small group of leaders. There was never any real national discussion about it. Instead, we had a wholesale publicity campaign that contained more lies than truth. It was a preemptive attack on an entire nation and not secluded to finding the enemy and stopping them. Thousands of innocent people were caught in the infighting. As a matter of fact, the U.S. never ended the first Gulf War with Iraq and constantly bombed the country for more than ten years before the second land assault.

An outstanding question remains of why the elite group created this pit of terror. They picked out the word " terrorism " as the enemy calling it a war against terrorism. But in the process terrorism spread across the Middle East. It leads one to wonder why the U.S. would set the stage for people in the Middle East to fight each other as the terror infected the countries of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Libya, Iran and Egypt. Then the terror spread to Africa. For many years, we had a foreign policy to balance out the geopolitical problems in the Middle East. History tells us to stay out of the region and just attend to humanitarian missions to control the killing fields.

The lie about Iraq having Weapons of Mass Destruction started it all even though the evidence was plain that Iraq did away with all these weapons around 1992. President Bush sold the lie to the American people and put on the "shock and awe war" on TV as his own reality show. It first attacks displayed the attack on Iraq as if it was a 4th of July display.

Drone Colonialism

Then the news of torture came showing how people who were on the wrong side of things tortured. These depictions harden the hearts of Americans with many saying torture is necessary under these circumstances. And so it goes. We now have a 100 years war in the Middle East and still no one tells us why. The terror has not only spread across the Middle East but also infecting our moral consciences on how to balance things out when the geopolitical balances are uprooted. We now even have Drone Colonialism where we have planes without pilots controlling events.

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