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Explore the untold stories behind the news in the lost worlds of Globalist Free Traders. It is really all about you in the global economic arena. By Ray Tapajna - Editor and Artist at Tapart News and Art that Talks - global issues. " Information Digest " sites at from the real world of the streets of USA

Free Trade Economic Crisis continues

January 6th 2013 20:16
Bizarre Politics Reports: Published Letter to Editor with response about free trade being the major cause behind our economic crisis
Ray Tapajna Living Journals Keeping History Straight

FREE TRADE AT ROOT OF CRISIS : letter to the editor Published in Cleve. Plain Dealer, Jan 6/2013

Once President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama gave the financial communities trillions of dollars in bailout money while ignoring the suffering of workers, we got a whole new ball game as we wait for the next financial bubble to burst. Free trade remains the core of our economic crisis, because it is not really trade as historically practiced and defined. It is more about making production portable and ready to be moved again and again for the sake of cheaper labor. All of the supporting services are affected, too, with the trade deficit representing trillions of dollars lost in value forever.

As long as the value of workers and labor keeps being deflated and degraded, there is no hope. More than a billion people in the world are ready and willing to work for practically nothing to survive. With the value of workers and labor being a money standard, it affects the value of paper money, too. When the balance is out of whack, there is no way out of our debt crisis. In essence, Obama has taken tariffs off products and put them on workers for future generations to come. Corporations are held as persons while workers have been "commoditized." It is an endless race to the bottom.

And what will happen when China finds out that it is holding worthless paper as security for the money it loaned us?

What we are getting is double talk, with our leaders telling us to look over here at the "fiscal cliff" while they do their own thing in a Bewildered New World.

Ray Tapajna, Cleveland Blog added comments

by tapsearcher

When government bails out or subsidizes any industry or business, only a few win with many more losing due to these actions. Free trade is about , governments acting as dealers and brokers in a global economic casino. Many governments subsidized their industries to capture market share. The workers are still underpaid and have no voice in the process. As water reaches it own level, the lowest wages govern economic levels. It is a take away process. It is not a competitive one. After President FD Roosevelt found out that all his approaches failed, he said he was not going to let the lack of dollars stand in his way. He saw that you can not do business with someone who does not have money. You first have to find a way for them to get money to buy things in trade. Protectionism was never the issue back then. Trade was at a standstill because nations did not have money to support trade. Roosevelt had the power to lower or raise tariffs at any time after 1934. Nothing worked. President Roosevelt knew this when he launched the Lend Lease Program and start shipping goods to the allies without worrying payments upfront. This triggered the most massive industrial might the world has ever known with World War 2 adding to this success story. After the war, the U.S. launched the Marshall Plan which helped rebuild European and Asian economies. They did this by showing nations how to duplicate our success and not by dismantling our economy and shipping it to other countries in the world.
In essence, we have lost World War 2 about fifty years after the fact.
See Really Long Link - We chopped up the Golden Goose that Laid The Golden Eggs .

The only way to beat the overhead of long haul shipping is to have cheaper labor in another country make up for the cost. Only about 15 large container ships cause more harm to the environment than all the automobiles in the world. Thousands more of these ships are on the way.

Up to now consumers in America had enough money to support this process but now it is coming to a point where the working poor can no longer even support the cheaper imports. Workers keep shopping their way out of their jobs. There is no way to compete in a global economic arena like this, when the water mark is based on wage slave and even child labor. It is a no win situation no matter how you look at it.

When a small town in Georgia puts up a banner in the town square saying Thank You Jesus for KIA, we should know how far down we have come.
It is economic insanity to pay foreign auto assembler to come here and build their plants especially when no one knows how much of the process is subsidized by the foreign government. Indiana paid Honda, after all is said and done, about 160 million dollars to Honda to build their assembly plant there with most parts coming from the sweat shops of the world. They employ or employed about 5,000 workers at half the cost of former auto workers. This all happened while about 20,000 auto parts manufacturing workers lost their jobs. The math does not add up.

In the 1980s about 700,000 steel workers and about 400,000 auto workers lost their jobs. In the 1990s, more than one million workers lost their jobs in the computer industry. It is impossible to make any kind of come back after this happened. It took the heart out of our country for many years to come.
See Free to Copy this Article to your blogs Lend Lease was Real Free Trade and Not Chop Liver as in the Globalist Free Trade World ( Search under this title for thousands of resources and references online.) See also Trade Traps and Communications by Rank Tapsearch Com Tapart News and Explore the lost worlds in the globalist free traders Flat World

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